February is Black History Month. Whatever the color of your family's skin, it's a chance to celebrate the diversity of our American culture. Cities across the nation are taking up the cause with lectures, art exhibits, contests... even a 5K race!

Take a gander at the list below, and be sure to check your newspaper for local events in your area!

Bay Area, CA

From exhibits of African American artwork in Oakland to the San Francisco Public Library's lineup of children's storytellers, there's a lot on offer in Bay Area cities. Take a walking tour. Go for a Blues lecture. Sit in on a drumming jam session. Or choose from a wide range of other adult-only or kid-friendly events. Check out what's on offer at: The City of Oakland San Francisco Public Library

Los Angeles, CA

A Black History Month movie marathon? A quilting activity inspired by the Underground Railroad? Reenactments of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most famous speeches? These are some of the programs featured in Los Angeles this month! Head on down to the L.A. Public Library for a storytelling bonanza. Or check out Towne Street Theatre's world premiere of the African American play "Cool Negroes." Get more information at: Experience LA Los Angeles Public Library

Charleston, SC

African Americans left a strong mark on South Carolina. Many came as slaves, but a good portion stayed, long after slavery was over – making a life for themselves as artisans or entrepreneurs. They brought she-crab soup and benne seed cookies, Sea Island culture, and expert ironwork. This month, the state salutes their contributions with a series of events. Engage all five senses and enjoy. Charleston Events

Chicago, IL

The Chicago Park District commemorates Black History Month in February 2010 by hosting many festivals celebrating African style food, music, culture, and tradition. Celebrations are taking place in seven locations throughout the city, including Brainard Park, La Follette Park, Washington Park, and Austin Town Hall. Chicago Park District