Remember when your new graduate was just beginning kindergarten? Does she remember? Celebrate her big day with a special "Remember When..." themed graduation party. Scan old photos from the very first day of school, way back in kindergarten, and create hand made party invitations. Ask guests to bring their own photos of first days of school, field trips, class parties, or old school assignments, journals/notebooks, or artwork for a fun guessing game. Come up with a creative menu of cafeteria favorites, like macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, that will take your guests back to their elementary school days. Finish the party with a "Remember When" craft and invite everyone to make a silly school poster. Have the guests hold up the sign for a special end of the year "class photo" that can be sent home as a party favor!

For the Invitations

Scan an old photo from your graduate's first day of school into your computer. Print the photo onto computer or copier paper. If your printer has the ability to accept thick weight paper, you may want to print it directly onto cardstock. If you can't print directly onto cardstock, you can cut the picture our and glue it onto the cardstock. Fold a piece of cardstock in half to make a card. Glue the copied photo onto the front of the card.

Have your graduate help out with the invites and fill in all the important information about her party on the inside of the card. Add the reason for the party, what the guests should bring (old photos), the date, the time, and an RSVP phone number or email address. Place your personalized invites in large envelopes to send or hand deliver to friends and family!

Play a "You Through the Years" Game

Have each guest bring at least one photo of themselves from some point throughout their school years. Ask each guest to label the back with information such as who is in the photo, the date (or school year), and event. Take turns holding up the photos and asking the other guests to "Remember when" the photos were from. When someone guesses correctly, they get a prize! Think of school related items that are specific to this group of students. Hand out t-shirts with the school insignia or school bumper stickers or some of the kids' favorite snacks.This is a fun game to play to take a stroll down memory lane with your graduate and all her friends and family.

Make a Remember When Craft

Have your guests brainstorm ideas for a silly school poster. What does your child and her friends think their school poster should look like? Are there any inside jokes about their school colors? Let them create a poster that expresses how they feel about their alma mater! Use paints and markers to add color. Set aside to dry. Line the guests up in school picture style. Make three or more rows with the bottom row sitting, the middle kneeling, and the top standing. Have the guests in the center bottom row hold the sign. Then take a "class photo." Print out the photo and send copies to your guests as after-party favors.

Get Nostalgic with Your Menu

Choose a selection of cafeteria favorites, with a twist. Start with basics such as mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly or hot dogs. Add in extra toppings for a more gourmet feel. For example, basic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be made using artisan breads with sliced fruit instead of jelly. Provide guests with many different options. Try a hot dog bar where you provide different types of dogs, a selection buns (regular, poppy seed, sesame seed), and a variety of toppings such as sliced avocado, peppers, or bacon. Your guests will love indulging in these sinfully nostalgic treats as they reminisce about school days gone by!