Even if you're no Martha Stewart, a craft party is a great way to relax, hang out with friends, and spend some time with your favorite hobby. As far as parties go, they're low-stress and easy to organize. After all, your guests will be doing most of the work! To get your own fabulous crafting party started, check out our craft party ideas and tips for tools, food, and more.

Choose your style. Casual craft parties couldn't get much simpler. Pick a time, clear off the kitchen table, and invite your guests to bring whatever crafts or art projects they happen to be working on, whether they're beading, knitting, quilting, or scrapbooking. As long as there's good light and plenty of space to work, everyone will enjoy spending a few hours chatting and crafting together.

Prefer something a bit more structured? Choose just one project that everyone will learn how to make. Make sure it's something all of your guests will enjoy – steer clear of anything too difficult or specialized. And since you'll be playing teacher, choose a project you're familiar with or have time to test out. (Craft parties are definitely not the right place to try something brand new!) One last tip: go for a project that takes no more than 2 hours from beginning to end. Everything takes longer with a group.

If you need some craft party ideas, check out some of these!

Stock up and set up. Once you choose a project, you'll need to invite your guests at least two weeks in advance and finalize your guest list a week before the craft party. Then it's time to pick up supplies for everyone, plus a little extra in case anyone needs to start over. Don't forget to save those receipts!

If your project involves using a sewing machine, die cutter, or anything other than hand tools, try setting up stations for different stages of the project – e.g. one area for cutting fabric, one for sewing, one for ironing. The more people you have, the more important organization becomes.

BYOT (bring your own tools). If your project calls for simple tools that everyone already has, like scissors and rulers, why not ask your guests to bring their own? Since lots of tools look alike, provide masking tape and pens so people can label their tools before getting started.

Don't forget the food. What's a get-together without something to nibble on? Finger foods are best – you don't want anything too sticky or messy to get on your project. Call it a potluck and just provide the beverages, or whip up some goodies for your guests. How about one of these recipes?

The real beauty of craft parties is that they can be small or large, casual or structured – it's all up to you!