Graduation day: time to share memories, celebrate hard work and academic achievement, and look down the long road leading to ... kindergarten? Whether your little one's nervous about life in the world of "real school" or raring to go, preschool graduation marks a milestone worth celebrating! Throw a preschool graduation party to remember with these fun ideas.


Print out mock diplomas on 8"x10" pieces of paper. Print the name of the school in fancy script, then the grad's name and class year (or "in honor of Ms. Jones's class" for a whole-class celebration) with lines below for date, time, and location. Roll into a tube, tie with a satin ribbon, and hand deliver.


While there's no need to hire a speaker or rent a hall, no graduation ceremony would be complete without caps and gowns. To create gowns, you'll need wide rolls of white paper, markers, and scissors. Measure a length of paper long enough to reach from the grad's shoulders to his feet, then double it and cut off the roll. Fold horizontally in the middle, then cut an opening for the head. Repeat for each child, and let them decorate the robes as desired with markers, glitter glue, and paint. Let dry thoroughly before slipping on over clothes.

For the hats, you'll need one conical birthday party hat, one square paper plate, and one piece of ribbon per person, as well as scissors and glue. Cut the pointy top off each hat, leaving the wide round base intact. Paint a thick layer of glue over the rim and top with an upside down paper plate. Add a dab of glue to the top and affix a piece of ribbon long enough to dangle over the side. Let dry overnight before wearing.

There's no point being all dressed up with no place to go. If the party's at school, stage a march through campus so the younger kids can cheer on the grads. If it's at home, blast "Pomp and Circumstance" on the stereo and lead an impromptu parade.


Serve "K is for Kindergarten" snacks: a fruit plate with sliced kiwi and kumquats, kielbasa and knockwurst kabobs with ketchup for dipping, bowls of Kix, Kashi and Special K cereal, mini knishes, buttered kaiser rolls, sweet noodle kugel, sliced cooked kohlrabi, sauteed kale, and key lime pie, chocolate kisses, and Kit Kat bars for dessert. Wash it down with Kool-Aid.


Give each child a few blank, stamped postcards, available at cost from the post office. They can color the front and use them to keep in touch (with a parents' help) with friends headed to different schools. Teaching preschool is a labor of love, so be sure to thank the people who helped the children learn to write their names and tie their shoes. Leave one special notebook per teacher out with a few fancy pens and ask every parent to write a quick note expressing their gratitude. Children can write their names and color pictures recalling their favorite moments or dictate quotes for their parents to transcribe. At the end of the party, the teachers will have wonderful keepsakes to remember the class of 2010!