Below are profiles featuring the top eight high schools in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. In order to be featured as a Top High School, the school must have a 2010 TestRating of 10 out of 10.  The TestRating compares a school's standardized test scores for a given year with scores from other schools in the same state. Find your school and see how it compares.


Anderson High School

Forest Hills Local School District 


Anderson High School creates a positive, enriching learning environment for its students through partnerships with the community and parents. Parents provide support to the school in many ways, ranging from participating in different booster organizations to hosting an after prom party. AP Courses and exciting opportunities are available for Anderson High students. The Science program works with NASA and the National Science Federation for unique learning experiences, including working with cosmic ray detectors.


Teaching good character is a focus of the school and is integrated through the curriculum and student life. School pride and spirit is prevalent on campus, and students show up in droves to support other students from science fairs to swim meets.


Athletic teams are competitive, with the football team recently making it to the state finals. The music program is also a premier program at the school and the head of music has been teaching for 57 years. The drama program has also earned a top reputation and brought home many recent CAPPY awards. The orchestra has received national recognition, including winning the National Orchestra Cup two times.


“A school is not a building. A school is the people and the people inside that make it a school. Our staff is very dedicated and we have good parents and good community supporting us,” said Diana L. Carter, Principal.



Indian Hill High School

Indian Hill Exempted Village School District


Visitors to Indian Hill High School often comment on how friendly the students are and how well they interact with adults. Parental involvement is high at the school and parents can be found helping out at most every event. The school is very academically focused and sends 98 percent of its students to college after graduation. The foreign language program is a focus in the school district; many students start Spanish in Kindergarten, and many different languages, including Mandarin, are offered at the high school.


A cornerstone of the school is the AP program that offers over 24 courses. The school encourages each student take at least one Advanced Placement course, and even though the school requires that all students in the class take the test, the school has a 91 percent pass rate for the exam.


The school is known in the community for their stellar music program, including a string orchestra, men’s choir, women’s choir, and a show choir in additional to several bands.


“We have a top notch faculty. Our students that come to school ready to learn and want to challenge themselves and parents who value education,” said Nancy Striebich, Retiring Principal.



Mariemont High School

Mariemont City School District 


Mariemont High School provides personal attention to each student, whether it's in the form of helping them succeed in challenging courses, providing extra support for when needed, or helping students prepare for college. The staff at the school focuses on the end game – which is getting students ready for post-secondary education. To maintain the tradition of excellence, the school keeps a higher grading scale than some other schools, and Mariemont students rise to the challenge.


The school has a comprehensive program to help students find the right college for their needs. The FOCUS program helps at-risk students succeed and the teachers leading the program are also parents of high achieving children.


Although the school is small, students can choose from 14 AP different courses. Many students enroll in the program and over 90 percent score well enough on the exam to earn college credit. Many students participate in after school sports and clubs. Lacrosse is popular on campus and the school recently won the state championship in the sport.


“We are high achieving public school with really great parental and community support. The students and the teachers are all about achievement and there is no one who goes through the motions. Every at the school pushes themselves,” said Jim Renner, Principal.



Springboro High School

Springboro Community City School District


Springboro High School provides students with a comprehensive education and enriching opportunities outside of the classroom. The campus recently added a new building and state of the art athletic complexes during a renovation. Students looking for an additional challenge can enroll in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option program to receive college credit for courses taken at several local universities.


Students can pursue their interests through a variety of clubs on campus, such as Art Club, Ski Club, and Home Economics Club. Students can apply what they are learning in class through academic clubs such as the Academic Challenge Club, Mock Trial, and Model UN. Service clubs including Key Club and Make a Difference Club are also active on campus. The school offers a full array of sports teams, including hockey and bowling.


Springboro High's mission is "to excel in educating and motivating all students to become life long learners and productive citizens."




Turpin High School

Forest Hills Local School District 


Turpin High School focuses on college preparation, and over 96 percent of the kids head to a post secondary school after graduating. A variety of AP and honors classes are offered as well.


Parents are very involved on campus through lending a hand in school events and donating funds. A homeroom advisory period helps students stay connected and develop relationships. Facilities at the school are top-notch, especially the auditorium and weight training room, and technology is integrated throughout the campus with four computer labs and a state-of-the art media center.


The arts program is important to the school and students can select from many options, including music theory. The active performing arts programs are popular, and the school has a nationally recognized marching band and active theater program. Community service is an important value on campus and the school heads up many community projects. Athletics often take home trophies at a both the regional and state level, with recent successes in soccer, cross country, swimming, and diving. Academic teams, such as the Mock Trial and Academic Quiz team, are also award winning.




Walnut Hills High School

Cincinnati City School District 


Walnut Hills High School first opened its doors in 1895 and has a tradition of providing top notch classical education for students. Students enter the school in seventh grade and academics are priority. An impressive 1 in 5 students have earned college credit by the time they graduate. Over 21 different AP courses are offered on campus, and to be prepared for the rigor in the classroom, all students must have taken 3 years of Latin.


It’s not all hitting the books at Walnut Hills, though. The school boasts an excellent performing arts program, a winning marching band, and a drama program that produces numerous shows each year. Over 63 different clubs are offered on campus, including Animation Club and Green Club. Sports teams are competitive and the school has many sports titles to its name.


The school website states, "Now, at the turn of the century, Walnut Hills High School continues to prepare young men and women to be our business, community, and government leaders for Cincinnati, our state, and our nation. The school motto is SURSUM AD SUMMUM or "Rise to the Highest." The Walnut Hills High School faculty, bolstered by the support of 16,000 Alumni, is dedicated to producing the best college candidates."



William Mason High School

Mason City School District 


William Mason High School provides a balanced education with excellent programs in academics, athletics, and the arts. The staff at the school is highly qualified (over 78 percent of the staff hold advanced degrees!) and community service is highly promoted on campus through charity drives held throughout the year.


Students are very involved on campus and over 85 percent of the students participate in an activity. The school recently won the All Sports trophy in their conference for the fourth consecutive year, contributing to the school's excellent athletic program. The school also offers a variety of visual arts programs on campus, including Ceramics, Fiber Arts, and Jewelry. The performing arts are also active with band, choir, and drama programs available for student to take the stage.


The extensive AP program offers over 18 different courses, and students can also select from 10 additional Honors level courses. 534 students took 861 exams with an 85 percent pass rate in a recent year. The school also works to make sure that students do not fall through the cracks and has extensive intervention programs in place to identify and help struggling students.




Wyoming High School

Wyoming City School District 


Wyoming High School has a long tradition of excellence and many people move to the area for the school. Both parents and students are committed to achievement, and 96 percent of students head to college after graduation. The school is racially, religiously and socio-economically diverse, and embraces different cultures by observing both Christian and Jewish Holiday.


The arts programs are very important the community and the school. Students can participate in top rated visual arts, drama, and music programs on campus. The school boasts an impressive 53-person arts staff.


The school offers 20 different athletic teams and a variety of clubs. Community service is a priority on campus and many service projects are completed throughout the year. Students are very focused and interested in serving their neighbors and help drive the service programs on campus.


“Our students have a strong commitment to excellence. Each one comes on campus and wants to do well. There is a shared spirit of wanting to do their best on campus,” said Aaron Marshall, Principal.



Please note that only schools in the following Ohio counties were considered for this article: Boone, Bracken, Brown, Butler, Campbell, Clermont, Dearborn, Franklin, Gallatin, Grant, Hamilton, Kenton, Ohio, Pendleton and Warren