Below is a profile featuring the top high school in the Orlando Metropolitan Area. In order to be featured as a Top High School, the school must have a 2010 TestRating of 10 out of 10.  The TestRating compares a school's standardized test scores for a given year with scores from other schools in the same state. Find your school and see how it compares.


Hagerty High School

Seminole School District


The administration and faculty at Hagerty High School focus on two key phrases – “excellence” and “working together” – and try to base each school decision on these ideas. During the six years it's been open, the school has quickly achieved high academic excellence. An impressive 83 of the 520 students in a recent graduating class earned at least a 4.0


Working together begins with the staff, and each teacher meets regularly with a small learning community to plan lessons, further their professional development, and share strategies. The school is divided into two houses -- he lower house helps underclassmen ease the transition from middle to high school, while the upper house helps juniors and seniors prepare for life post-graduation.


The school will be opening a Modeling and Simulation program to give students hands on experience. The staff encourages students to take AP courses from the wide variety offered, and over 1500 exams were administered in a recent school year.


“We live in a good community that has high expectations for our students and our school and we work to provide success at that expectation level,” said Principal Sam Momary.



Please note that only schools in the following Florida counties were considered for this article: Lake, Organe, Osceola, and Seminole.