Below is a profile featuring the top high school in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. In order to be featured as a Top High School, the school must have a 2010 TestRating of 10 out of 10.  The TestRating compares a school's standardized test scores for a given year with scores from other schools in the same state. Find your school and see how it compares.


Edwardsville High School

Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7

Edwardsville High School provides a well-rounded education to students through challenging courses and a variety of extracurricular programs. Students can select from over 13 different AP courses and 200 other courses, elective and core. Work study programs are also available for students in several areas.

The school has many programs in place to ensure that students don’t fall through the cracks and get all of the support they need. Students can get extra help in English, math, and science after school from teachers and can also get assistance from English teachers on writing projects through the Writing Center. Freshmen can also hone skills needed to be successful in high school through the Experience Class.

After the final bell, students can participate in a wide variety of clubs and teams. Performing arts opportunities are also available for student take the stage in the drama, choir, band, and orchestra. The school offers a wide variety of athletic teams including traditional sports, such as football and basketball, to more unique options, such as bowling and bass fishing. The school website states, “The goal of Edwardsville High School is to meet the educational needs of its students. These needs include college-bound instruction, specialization skills, personal enjoyment, vocational training, physical development, and citizenship preparedness. These needs reflect the personal aspect and uniqueness of each individual.”



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