Remember how parents used to rock their babies, shake a rattle or pull all manner of funny faces to get their babies to stop crying or fall asleep? Fast forward to our current techie times, where baby entertainment has climbed beyond our wildest imaginations. Now, when your baby is fussing at a restaurant or throwing a fit at the doctor's office, you can whip out a smart phone to keep the tears at bay. You can even use it to track your baby's development and schedule appointments!

With over 3,500 apps geared toward children and babies, it's clear that smart phones have secured a place in the diaper bag. Here are our top ten baby apps to load up on.

  • Baby Connect ($4.99, iOS and Android): Have you ever wondered how often your baby has a dirty diaper or when the last he ate was? Track each part of his day with Baby Connect, and you'll be able to detect possible problems to tell your pediatrician next time you go in for a check up.
  • Smule Magic Piano ($0.99, iOS): Smule software offers tons of interactive musical instruments, but the piano is a must-have for new parents. To make your baby the most coordinated kid on the block, let him play with the notes on the screen for hours of fun.
  • Baby Soother 3-in-1 ($3.99, iOS): What new parent doesn't feel completely clueless about getting their baby to sleep? Skip the frustration by putting on some soothing music, paired with calming aquarium, nature and sunset scenes to help you and your baby chill out.
  • Babysitter2Go (Free, Kindle, iOS and Android): Okay, they haven't invented an app to babysit your baby. But this app does capture her attention with plenty of buttons, sounds and pictures. BabySitter2Go knows that a baby has a short attention span, so it's packed with surprising activities to keep her entertained.
  • WebMD Baby (Free, iOS): Is that runny nose a case of the sniffles, or something worse? Track your baby's symptoms, read articles and watch videos so you're less of a clueless new parent. You can also use its tracking capabilities to stay up-to-date on all of your baby's latest developments.
  • Hipstamatic ($1.99, iOS): Yeah, your smart phone or tablet comes with an onboard camera, but you can turn regular pictures into "aww"-inducing masterpieces with a good photo editing program.
  • Peekaboo Barn ($2.99, iOS and Android): Babies aren't known for their accuracy. In fact, your smart phone will probably garner more drool than anything. But with an app like Peekaboo Barn, just tap the screen to interact with the animals. Now all you have to be careful about is the drool!
  • Baby Pack & Go ($0.99, iOS): Did you get the diapers? Do we have enough wipes? What about the bottles? If you've ever asked these questions, welcome to the world of parenting. With Baby Pack & Go, you can track what's in your diaper bag so you're not caught off guard.
  • Babyphone ($2.99, iOS): Missed putting a baby monitor on your registry? Never fear, your smart phone can do the job! Just set up the app with another number and leave it in the same room as your baby. When baby wakes up or moves, your number will be called so you can find her for some snuggle time.
  • ToddlerLock (Free or $1 donation, Android): Any parent who has lost settings thanks to a curious child knows that handing over a smart phone is tricky territory. BabyLock takes care of that by showing colors, sounds and shapes on the screen while locking all other phone functions so your device settings stay safe.

While your smart phone can't change diapers or heat up a bottle, it can definitely help make your life easier when it comes to newfound parenthood. It makes us wonder just what our parents did without one!