Have you ever been to the OB/GYN's office lately without seeing a child playing Angry Birds to pass the time? Besides being an excellent boredom-killer, your smartphone can unlock a wealth of knowledge, efficiency and ideas not only for children, but expecting parents. Whether you need to track appointments or research baby names and meanings, these pregnancy apps will turn your phone into your best friend for the next nine months.

  1. Fertility and Pregnancy Calendar (Free, iOS): If you're thinking about getting pregnant, a fertility tracker can help you find out when you're ovulating and most likely to conceive. No more guess work!
  2. Sprout Pregnancy ($3.99 , iOS): You're pregnant. Now what? A pregnancy tracking app like Sprout can help you follow all of the details, from your blood pressure level to your next OB/GYN appointment. Totally worth the price if you're apt to forget when one month ends and another begins.
  3. Baby Checklist ($1.99, Android and iOS): Stock up on all the gear that comes with impending parenthood with this app. From diapers and feeding gear to a fancy jogging stroller, you can keep a running tally of what you have and need, which is perfect when it comes to making your baby registry.
  4. Prenatal Smart ($0.99, iOS and Android): Picture this: you're craving a bite of sashimi, but aren't sure whether sushi is safe while pregnant. Enter Prenatal Smart, the fastest way to find the answer to the question, "Is it safe?" Type in the food you're craving and find out how to safely satisfy it.
  5. Baby Names ($1.99 for premium, iOS) Alexander or Andrew? Abigail or Addison? When you're duking it out with your partner over baby names, the rounds can be endless. Make your job easier by adding an entire bank of 25,000 baby names at your fingertips. Scroll through or search the meanings of names so you pick the perfect moniker when the time comes.
  6. mPregnancy ($2.;00, iOS): Your partner might have added some sympathy weight during the pregnancy, but other than that, he's often left out of the loop. This pregnancy app geared towards men will give him a rundown of your symptoms so he doesn't bat an eye when you demand fried chicken at two in the morning.
  7. Baby Motion (Free, iOS): As you enter the third trimester, your doctor will ask you to perform kick counts by detecting how much your baby moves over the course of a few minutes. Baby Motion allows you to tap the screen when you feel a movement for the most accurate count so you know when to head to your appointment.
  8. Babycenter My Pregnancy Today (Free, iOS and Android): Is your baby the size of a guava, or a mango? What should you pack in your hospital bag? How can you deal with morning sickness? You have pregnancy questions and Babycenter has answers. Search a database of articles and expert answers at your fingertips.
  9. Pilates for Pregnancy ($7.99, iOS): Trying to stay fit during your pregnancy? Pilates is an excellent way to keep your muscles and bounce back quickly after delivery. Use Pilates for Pregnancy to search safe poses and exercises as well as entire workout routines based on your trimester. Hello, hot mama!
  10. Pregnancy Contraction Time (Free, iOS and Android): You've finally made it to the end of your pregnancy, so it's time for the big guns. Use this contraction timer app to time the length of and between each contraction. Wwhen you've had five contractions in one hour, head to the hospital and get ready to meet your little one!

There's no reason that you should have to spend your pregnancy in the dark, so turn on your smartphone and prepare to be illuminated!