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Explore our ginormous Learning Library of 30,000+ worksheets, games, hands-on activities, and more! With resources for Preschool - 5th grade, we help kids through their early learning years.

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Easily identify kids’ triumphs and challenges with Progress Tracker. Based on their individual performance, we recommend resources you can assign to meet each kid’s specific needs.

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Get started quickly with Guided Lessons, carefully designed sequences of games and worksheets. Each Guided Lesson focuses on one of 800+ key skills to help kids unlock new levels of learning and enjoy early triumphs.


What resources are available to me?
Our Learning Library includes worksheets, games, exercises, lesson plans, and more, covering core curriculum across Math, Reading, Writing, ELA, Science, and more. With Premium membership, you can explore our library with unlimited access and use special Premium features like Guided Lessons and Progress Tracker.
Can I cancel my Premium membership?
You can cancel your unlimited Premium membership anytime, and you will get to keep your Premium access and features until the end of your renewal period. After canceling your Premium membership, you will still be able to use limited learning resources with your Basic membership.
Can I upgrade to Premium later?
Yes! It’s easy to get all Premium offers. Just upgrade at any time in your account settings. You can choose between a monthly, annual or lifetime Premium plan. With any Premium plan, you can enjoy unlimited access to our entire Learning Library and access special features like Guided Lessons and Progress Tracker.
How can multiple teachers and classes get access to's resources?
Our standards-aligned digital and printable resources can easily be leveraged for scale and managed at the district level. School accounts deliver a comprehensive, secure, and flexible supplemental digital learning experience to schools and other learning institutions. You can take advantage of our school and institution discounts and even transfer licenses from teacher to teacher!

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