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Alaska Academic Standards Overview Page

What are the Alaska Academic Standards?

These standards are already defining the way Alaska approaches education issues. The focus has shifted from what goes into our education system to what comes out of it. The standards will accomplish three primary goals:

  • Standards will give students and teachers a clear and challenging target.
  • Standards will help focus energy and resources on the bottom line: student achievement.
  • Standards will give all of us a tool for judging how well our students are learning and how well our schools are performing.

Example of an Alaska Academic Standard: Eighth Grade Science

The student demonstrates an understanding of the processes of science by:

  • Asking, questions, predicting, observing, describing, measuring, classifying, making generalizations, inferring and communicating.

How do I find the Alaska Department of Education Academic Standards?

Standards for the state of Alaska are available for the mathematics, reading, and writing for kindergarten through tenth grade. Education standards are available for science for kindergarten through eleventh grade and history for all grades.

Click on the below URL and then identify the specific grade level and subjects matter for which you would like to learn more.