The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), office of Early Childhood Education and Family Services, is pleased to share a resource for parents of children entering kindergarten.  The resource is a culmination of many offices within MDE working together to develop Parent Guides, a series of tip sheets which highlight a variety of questions parents may have when their children are entering kindergarten.

Parent Guides were developed out of a request from a stakeholder group of parents of  young children who supported that the most difficult transition time for them was kindegarten entry.  The Parent Guides were reviewed by the Parent Involvement Committee of the State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC) and were approved by SICC and authorized for distribution by MDE. 

Introduction Entry Into Kindergarten

How Do I know if My Child Is Ready for Kindergarten?

What if My Child Has a Disability?

Will My Child Benefit From an Extra Year of Kindergarten?

Selecting Full or Half-Day Kindergarten, Which is Best for My Child?


How Do I Enroll My Child in Kindergarten?


What Does a Great Kindergarten Program Look Like?


Why Play in Kindergarten?


How Will My Child Get to School?


How Can I Help My Child Ease Those First Day Jitters?


What Will My Child Do in Kindergarten?


What Will My Child Learn in Kindergarten?  Reading Success=Student Success


How Do I Know if My Child Is Learning?


What if There Are Concerns About My Child's Development?


What Do I Do if My Child Doesn't Speak English?


How Can I Help My Child Become a Reader?


Are There Books to Read to Get My Child Ready for Kindergarten?


What About Communication?


What Can I Do at Home?


How Can I Be Involved With My Child's Education?


What Is a 504 Plan for Children With Special Needs?


What About Sharing My Family Culture?