1. We Eat Different Parts of Plants

Make 'Friendship Soup'

Have each child bring a favorite vegetable from home. Sort the vegetables into groups: same and different


What parts of the plants are we going to use in our soup? Tomatoes, peas - seeds Celery - stem Carrots, onions, potatoes - roots Spinach - leaves With children, cut and prepare vegetable soup. Serve with bread or crackers for snack.

2. Seeds Grow Into Plants

Mystery Garden

Set up a terranium with sand or pebbles in the bottom to collect excess water. Fill with soil. Each day after lunch have children plant the seeds that they collect from their lunches. All kinds of seeds can be added to the terrarium from watermelon to apple seeds. Place it where there is sufficient light. Water it as needed and watch your mystery garden grow.

3. Most Plants Need Soil, Water Warmth, Air and Light to Grow

Use quick sprouting seeds such as radishes or bird seed. Set up different environments. Plant some seeds in well drained soil. Provide enough light and water. Generously sprinkle seeds on a wet sponge -or wet cotton. Keep moist and watch them sprout. Plant seeds in well drained soil but place in a-dark place. Observe and compare.

4. Inside a Seed, A Plant Is Ready To Grow

Take an avocado pit. Place a few tooth picks securely around the diameter of the avocado. Place the avocado supported by the toothpicks in a narrow jar. Be sure the pit is suspended and the point is facing upward. Add enough water to jar so that half the avocado pit is under water. Place where there is sufficient sunlight. Watch over time as the avocado sprouts its leaves and roots.

Get some Lima Beans. Lima beans are large and grow easily. Soak beans over night. Fill a clear jar with wet paper towels. Carefully place lima beans between paper towels and the glass surface. Be sure beans are visible from the outside. Avoid the bottom area of the jar. Place where there is sufficient light and keep damp. Beans will begin to grow within a few days. Observe and comment on what is happening. Once beans are fairly well established, move plants away from the light source and watch as the plant reaches toward the sunlight,

5. Most Plants Grow From Seeds, Some Plants Grow from Roots and Stem

Suspend a sweet potato or yam in a jar filled with water. Use toothpicks around the diameter to support the sweet potato. Put water in the jar and place near a window. Watch how the plant begins to grow. Both roots and leaves will emerge over time.