What is School Readiness?

  • School readiness means having the ability to learn and cope with the school environment without undue stress.
  • A child's intelligence plays only a minor role in his or her ability to cope with the school day.

Characteristics of Children Ready For Kindergarten

Social Emotional

  • Ready to separate from family
  • Ready to trust adults in school
  • Ready to learn how to share
  • Ready to learn how to wait
  • Ready to assume responsibility and independence
  • Ready to handle situations, emotions, fears
  • Ready to follow teacher's agenda


  • Interested in print, alphabet letters
  • Interested in listening to stories and music
  • Eager to learn and to engage in new activities
  • Interested in talking about ideas
  • Interested in math concepts- number, comparisons, shapes


  • Ready to hold writing tools
  • Ready to use scissors
  • Ready to button, zip own clothing
  • Ready to attend to tasks for 15-20 minutes