The following list contains a small sample of classroom modifications/accommodations for students with ADHD

Modifying the Presentation of Material
Use concrete examples of concepts before teaching the abstract.
Provide an overview of the lesson before beginning.
Monitor the student's comprehension of language used during instruction.
Schedule frequent, short conferences with the student to check for comprehension.
Highlight important concepts to be learned in text of material.
Provide clear, concise directions and concrete examples for homework assignments.
Modifying Time Demands
Prioritize assignments and/or step to completing assignments.
Set time limits for specific task completion.
Visual Motor
Set realistic and mutually agreed upon expectations for neatness.
Reduce the amount of copying from text and board.
Visual Processing
Provide clear and well-defined worksheets.
Go over visual task and make sure the student has a clear understanding of all parts of the assignment from the beginning.
Avoid having the student copy from the board.
Have the student verbalize instructions before beginning task.
Language Processing
Give written directions to supplement verbal directions.
Paraphrase information.
Encourage feedback from the student to check for understanding.
Always demonstrate how new material relates to previously learned information.
Organizational Problems
Provide an established daily routine
Provide clear rules and consistently enforce them.
Check the student's notebook to insure the use of dividers, assignment sheet, and calendar.
Provide due dates on written assignments.
Provide a specific place for turning in completed assignments.
Frequently check the organization of the student's notebook.
Monitor the student's use of his assignment sheet.
Check the assignment sheet for accuracy.