Categorical Resource Rooms

These serve only students who have one particular disability. A resource room for students with learning disabilities could include only students identified as learning disabled; students identified as mentally retarded would go to another resource room.

Cross-Categorical Resource Rooms

This type of placement serves several students with several disabilities functioning at about the same gross achievement levels. Students who are learning disabled, educable mentally retarded, and behaviorally disordered are often placed together in this type of resource room. This is the most common type of resource room.

Noncategorical Resource Rooms

These serve as the resource room for all children with disabilities in states that do not recognize categorical distinctions.

Specific-Skills Resource Rooms

This type of resource room aims its curricular content at one basic skill area (usually reading or math).

Itinerant Resource Programs

These are programs where student visits to the re-source room are not scheduled on a daily basis. Rural areas with very small schools in difficult-to-reach locations may provide one resource teacher for several schools, which he or she visits every other day.