The following lists describe common age developmental milestones, describing what tasks children ages birth to six months, one year-old, two years-old, three years-old, four years-old, five years-old, and six years-old can perform.

Birth to 6 Months

  • Sits upright with prop
  • Supports own head when in a sitting position
  • Lifts head and supports self on arm when on stomach
  • Raises arms and legs when placed on stomach
  • Rolls over

6 Months to 1 Year

  • Sits alone
  • Crawls
  • Pulls self from a sitting to standing position
  • Stands without holding on to an object or person

Age 1 Year

  • Walks unassisted
  • Climbs onto low furniture
  • Climbs stairs with assistance
  • Pulls or pushes toys with wheels
  • Kicks ball holding on to support
  • Catches rolling ball between legs while sitting

Age 2 Years

  • Runs very stiffly on toes
  • Jumps using both feet simultaneously
  • Walks upstairs holding the banister
  • Walks on tiptoes
  • Pedals a tricycle while adult pushes
  • Kicks a ball forward without losing balance
  • Plays on a rocking horse
  • Throws a ball overhanded five to seven feet
  • Hangs from a bar

Age 3 Years

  • Throws a ball to adult standing five feet away
  • Runs without falling
  • Hops on alternating feet
  • Stands on one foot
  • Walks backward for several feet
  • Moves a chair to reach for an object
  • Rides tricycle using pedals, unassisted by an adult
  • Walks backward easily
  • Walks on balance beam with one foot on the floor and the other on the beam

Age 4 Years

  • Walks upstairs like an adult by alternating feet
  • Runs smoothly with changes in speed
  • Skips using alternate feet rather than galloping
  • Bounces a ball
  • Catches a ball with arms and body
  • Jumps up and down on the floor several times
  • Bounces playground ball
  • Catches beanbags with hands

Age 5 Years

  • Hops on one foot
  • Performs jumping jacks and toe touches
  • Walks up and down the stairs while carrying objects
  • Catches a ball with two hands
  • Bounces a ball in place
  • Skips rope

Age 6 Years

  • Jumps over objects ten inches high
  • Does somersaults and cartwheels
  • Performs headstand
  • Rides a bicycle with training wheels
  • Walks securely on balance beam
  • Balances on roller skates
  • Throws with accurate placement
  • Dribbles ball
  • Kicks rolling ball