There are three general forms of questions asked by children: those that assume a yes/no response, those that begin with a wh- word and assume a more complex answer, and those that are a statement to which agreement is sought by adding a tag, such as "...isn't he?" Examples of these questions are illustrated in the table below.

Age Interrogative Question
26 months Want on?
30 months What is that thing?
Where's my sticker book?
42 months Chalk used to be here but where did it go? (Conjoining)
46 months Does yours smell like this?
Does this go this way?
50 months How do you put these on?
Let's show the women that's in here, ok? (Immature tag with embedded clause)
Can I have a litle bit, too?
61 months Why are you gonna be back in a little while? (Embedded phrase)
64 months Do you know what person this is? (Embedded clause)
What happens if we break this? (Conjoining)
Looks like soap, doesn't it? (Mature tag)
I wonder what that is? (Embedded clause)