The goal of non-verbal communication is to put the other person at ease while receiving the message. Non-verbally expressing an open and positive attitude leads to a supportive and collaborative atmosphere in which goals may be met. The table below describes the positive indicators of non-verbal communication during two-way communication.

Area Positive Indicators
  • Turn and face sender.
  • Relax your body.
  • Lean slightly forward toward the person.
  • Move slowly.
  • Limit repetitive movements(e.g., moving a leg up and down).
  • Nod to express your understanding.
  • Tilt or turn an ear slightly toward the sender to help indicate you are listening.
  • Look at the person but be aware of their comfort.
  • Smile frequently.
  • Keep arms relaxed and open.
  • Rest arms on the table or the arm of your chair.
  • Keep hands open with palms up.
  • Touch the person gently.
  • Use gestures of understanding.
  • Use a soft tone of voice.
  • Reduce verbiage.