Science project

Are You Allergic?

Research Questions:

  • How does your body respond to an allergy?
  • What are different types of allergies?
  • How can an allergist help people with their allergies?
  • Do all people have allergies?
  • Can allergies be hereditary?

As a living creature, your body responds to things in your environment. Your body may become tense when you encounter a difficult situation. You may tremble when you experience something frightful. Your body may also have more severe responses to things in your environment to which you are “allergic.” Common allergies include poison ivy, pollen, food such as peanuts, and animals. Some responses to these allergies can be mild such as sneezing or a runny nose while other responses can be more severe like rashes and seizures. Understanding your own allergies and body’s response to them is helpful so that you can avoid these allergens.


  • Allergy survey chart (see example below)
  • Chart paper, poster board, or presentation board

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Start by completing the allergy survey chart below about your own allergies, if you have any. If you are unsure, ask your parents.

I’m allergic to…

How my body responds…

  1.  Select 5-10 family members to complete their own allergy survey chart. Definitely include all of your immediate family (father, mother, siblings) as well as extended family.
  2. After collecting all the surveys, compile the data in a chart format. You should use pie charts or bar graphs to convey your results. These could be displayed on chart paper, poster board, or presentation board. See example below:
  1. Compare your allergy survey chart to the data you collected from your family members. Do you see any similarities? Could some of your allergies be hereditary? 

Terms/Concepts: Allergy; Allergen; Response; Allergic; Allergist; Basic allergies including poison ivy, pollen, food such as peanuts, pet dander


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