Science project

Studying the Difference Between "Dog People" and "Cat People"

Research Questions:

  • Does personality affect a person’s preference for dogs or cats?

Some people claim to be “dog people” while others claim to be “cat people.” This experiment will investigate whether personality affects a person’s pet preference.


  • Test subjects
  • Myers-Briggs personality test
  • Notebook for analyzing results

  1. Find the Myers-Briggs personality assessment online, and give it to many different teenagers and/or adults.
  2. For each participant, record whether they consider themselves a dog person or a cat person.
  3. Look for similarities or differences in the Myers-Briggs dichotomies (extroversion/introversion; sensing/intuition; thinking/feeling; judgment/perception) among test subjects that classify themselves as “dog people” and test subjects that consider themselves to be “cat people.” Do the personalities of test subjects correlate with their pet preference?

Example: You identify that 75% of your test subjects with extroverted personalities prefer dogs. From this information, you might conclude that an extroverted personality increases the likelihood that a person will be a dog lover.

Terms/Concepts: Myers-Briggs personality test, dog person, cat person

References: The Myers & Briggs Foundation. “MBTI® Basics.”

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