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Does Family Size Affect Self-Worth?

Research Questions:

  • Is there a correlation between family size and self esteem?
  • Does family size specifically affect the self esteem of one gender more than the other?

Do people that come from smaller families receive more parental attention and have enhanced self esteem as a result? This experiment will investigate this question by using Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale to evaluate if there is a correlation between family size and self worth.


  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Approximately 60 adult test subjects
  • Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale
  • Notebook for analyzing results

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Find adult representatives from both small and large families. Consider a small family as one that has less than two children and a large family as one that has more than four children.
  2. Ask your test subjects to complete Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale.
  3. Tally the scores from each survey.
  4. Analyze the results. Is there any difference in the average questionnaire score between the two groups? Go a step further and break each group up into male and female participants. Now compare the two groups when participants are divided by gender. Does family size specifically affect the self esteem of one gender more than the other? Investigate other ways to interpret your data, as well.

Terms/Concepts: Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale; self esteem and family size

Reference: Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale

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