Science project

Are Frequent Facebook Users Less or More Lonely?

Research Question:

  • Do people who are frequent users of Facebook feel less or more lonely than infrequent Facebook-users?

Facebook has been hailed as a revolution in bringing people - especially people previously separated by time and distance - together. On the other hand, working on a computer is an inherently solitary activity.


  • UCLA Lonliness Scale
  • 50 or more test subjects, half of whom log onto Facebook at least once a day, half of whom log onto Facebook less than once a day

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Locate appropriate test subjects.
  2. Administer UCLA Lonliness Scale.
  3. Score scales.
  4. Analyze and compare results for frequent and infrequent Facebook users.
  5. Extension: Interview test subjects about the amount of time they spend socializing face-to-face with other people and/or participating in clubs, sports, or other group activities. Determine if there is any correlation, either positive or negative, between Facebook use and face-to-face socializing.

Terms/Concepts: Facebook, UCLA Lonliness Scale


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