Science project

I Double Dare You

The goals of this project are:  

  1. To discover shocking new food sources.
  2. To encourage advances in food science. 

Research Questions:

  1. What parts of an animal are edible?
  2. What are some uncommonly eaten, edible plants?

We may have heard of fried grasshoppers and chocolate covered ants. But most Americans don’t realize that many different types of insects are eaten in large quantities by millions of people all over the world. Many people don’t even know that certain flowers are edible. On that note, so are brains, eyeballs, and other body parts you never wanted to know you could eat. This project will open your eyes, perhaps a lot wider than you expected.


  • Computer with internet access
  • Digital camera and/or Video camera
  • Typical office/craft/hobby supplies (paper, pens & poster-board, glue, etc.)
  • Bugs
  • Edible flowers (nasturtiums recommended) 

All materials can be found in your home, at local stores, or on ebay. 

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Research related materials (see bibliography below and search terms listed above)
  2. Search and print out images of strange foods that interest you.
  3. Visit International fresh food markets and photograph some of their more unusual offerings.
  4. Make any of the insect recipes from the links provided below, if you dare.
  5. Garnish with Nasturtium flowers (the leaves and stems are also edible).
  6. Dare your friends and family to take a taste test. 
  7. Write down and photograph all observations.
  8. Analyze the data.
  9. Interpret your results and describe your ideas in a detailed report.
  10. Include tasty insect recipes in your science fair display.
  11. Show interesting photos taken throughout the course of the project. 

Terms/Concepts: Entomophagy; Nasturtium; Rocky Mountain Oysters           

Bibliography (Scroll down to ALASKA for whale meat, and MONTANA for Rocky Mountain Oysters)

Wiki topic: “Edible flowers” (Bug recipes) (More bug recipes) (Still more bug recipes!) (Gross International recipes) (Virtual Cockroach)

Internet searches of your own choosing: Search for any of the terms listed above (or make up your own phrases to search), and click.

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