Evaluating the Influence of Birth Order on Personality

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Updated on Apr 17, 2013

Birth order is defined as a person's rank by age among his or her siblings. Studies indicate that family position can have a strong influence on a person’s personality. This experiment will evaluate this premise by looking for similarities in personality-type among first born, middle children, and last born participants.


Evaluate whether birth order influences personality.


  • Myers-Briggs personality test


  1. Find the Myers-Briggs personality assessment online and give to many different teenagers and/or adults.
  2. Record the birth order and Myers-Briggs personality type of each participant.
  3. Look for similarities or differences in the Myers-Briggs dichotomies (extroversion/introversion; sensing/intuition; thinking/feeling; judgment/perception) among first-born, middle children, and last-born participants.
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