Science project

Do Left-Handed People Have Better Memories?


  • Approximately 40 test subjects (10 female lefties, 10 male lefties, 10 female righties, and 10 male righties)
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Notebook for analyzing results


  1. Create several memory tests to give participants. Example tests include the following:
    • Read a list of 25 items. After 10 minutes, ask participants to write down as many of these items as they can remember.
    • Show a picture containing many items. Allow participants to study it for 1 minute. After an hour, ask test subjects to list items that they observed in the picture.
    • Ask test subjects to describe the weather from each day over the past week.
  2. Ask left-handed and right-handed test subjects to take your memory tests. Record the results from each test.
  3. Analyze the results from each test. Overall, which group performed best on the memory tests? Is there a specific test where one group outperformed the other?

Example: If the left-handed group specifically outperformed the right-handed group on the test where they are asked to describe the weather from each day over the past week, then you could conclude that left-handed people might have better long term memories.

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