Science project

Life Under Water: Meeting basic needs


  • Small aquarium with cover
  • Elodea plants
  • Fish food
  • Water
  • Gravel (make sure it is clean)
  • 2-4 guppies

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Have an adult help you pour gravel into the bottom of your aquarium. Use the gravel to hold the elodea plants in place. Add water slowly to the tank.
  2. Allow the water to sit for some time so that it will rise to room temperature. Hint: After some time, allow your closed bag of guppies in their water to float in the aquarium water. This allows the guppies to become acclimated to their new habitat.
  3. Carefully add the guppies. Closely observe the guppies’ response to their new habitat and record your observations. (See sample observation chart below.)
  4. Observe your guppies and their habitat for a week. Feed your guppies a few flakes of food at least twice a week and write down their response to the food. Record your observations on a chart. (See sample below.)
Sample observation chart:
Day of week
Behavior observed
Basic needs being met
  1. Reflect on your observations. How did the underwater habitat meet the basic needs of the plants and guppies? What would have happened if you hadn’t red your guppies or placed the tank in total darkness? 

Terms/Concepts:  Habitat;  Basic needs; Energy; Water; Food; Sunlight; Air


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