Can Music Give You Energy?

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Updated on Jan 04, 2013

Grade: 7th to 8th; Type: Psychology

This project explores whether music can influence physical capabilities.

  • Can music make you run longer?
  • Can music make you run faster?
  • What types of music affect physical capabilitiy in what ways?

Many kids these days listen to and love music, but have they thought about the benefits of it? Most children and teens lay around listening to their ipods. They could, instead, be outside doing the very same thing while exercising! Music may, in fact, promote physical activity in your life.

  • Volunteer runners
  • Music player
  • Earphones
  • Stopwatch/timer

  1. Load a large number of songs onto your music player, slow songs in one playlist, upbeat songs in another.
  2. Set up a path for volunteers to run along. Make sure they run the same path each time. Circular paths are preferred for continuous running.
  3. Be ready to record the times of the runners.
  4. Have each runner run without music (normal), with slow music, and with upbeat music for as long as they can. Tell them to keep a steady pace. If they happen to run slower or faster with a certain type of music, take note of it. (Important: Do not do all three tests at once. This will interfere with the outcome of the data. Record one set of data, and then have the runner go again later in the day or even the next day.)
  5. Record the amount of time each person spends running with each type of music. Everyone is different, so if data differs between runners, that is okay. Make sure to take note of anything that stands out to you in the data.
  6. Analyze your data. Did music make test subjects run longer? Faster? What types of music affected subjects and in what ways?

Terms/Concepts: endorphins, signal transduction, endurance, the mind’s influence on the body


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