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Do Plants Start Off Better with Distilled Water, Miracle Gro or a Complete Nutrient?

Procedure: Divide rock wool into six sections. Place two sections in three different trays. One section should have lettuce seeds and the other soybeans. Place these three trays in a large cardboard box. Turn the light and fan for nine hours every night. Water all trays with 275 milliliters every other day. Tray A has plants that use distilled water. Tray B has plants that use Miracle Gro. Tray C has plants that use a complete nutrient mix.

Results: In the third experiment group A had eight lettuce and five soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was 1.3 mm and the average soybean height was .85 mm. Group B had all sixteen lettuces sprout and nine soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was .87 mm and the average soybean height was 2.19 mm. Group C had fourteen lettuce and six soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was 2.2 mm and the average soybeans height was .725 mm.

Conclusion: The soybeans did best with the Miracle Gro. The lettuce did best with the complete nutrient mix.

Application: This is important to agriculture because you need to find what kind of fertilizers and nutrients each plant needs to get its maximum results.

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