Do Plants Start Off Better with Distilled Water, Miracle Gro or a Complete Nutrient?

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Updated on Oct 29, 2008

Background Information: Plants require sixteen essential nutrients to grow. If there is a deficiency of nutrients then the plant will not grow properly.

Hypothesis and Problem: If plants are fertilized at the beginning of growth then they will grow better then those not fertilized or only partially fertilized. The problem of different amounts of nutrients is addressed in this science project.

Procedure: Divide rock wool into six sections. Place two sections in three different trays. One section should have lettuce seeds and the other soybeans. Place these three trays in a large cardboard box. Turn the light and fan for nine hours every night. Water all trays with 275 milliliters every other day. Tray A has plants that use distilled water. Tray B has plants that use Miracle Gro. Tray C has plants that use a complete nutrient mix.

Results: In the third experiment group A had eight lettuce and five soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was 1.3 mm and the average soybean height was .85 mm. Group B had all sixteen lettuces sprout and nine soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was .87 mm and the average soybean height was 2.19 mm. Group C had fourteen lettuce and six soybeans sprout. The average lettuce height was 2.2 mm and the average soybeans height was .725 mm.

Conclusion: The soybeans did best with the Miracle Gro. The lettuce did best with the complete nutrient mix.

Application: This is important to agriculture because you need to find what kind of fertilizers and nutrients each plant needs to get its maximum results.

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