7 Ways to Raise a Kindergartener Bookworm

Action-packed adventure and unique yarns await! Get your kindergartner on the road to reading.

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Memory and Picture Cues

Select simple picture books with common words and a predictable plot. Your kindergartener's memory of the plot and pictures will help him read.

Read and Repeat

Read books over and over. When your kindergartener is familiar with the story, he can feel that reading is successful.

Reading On His Own

Nurture your kindergartener to become a fluent, independent reader. Encourage him to read to you, and only help if he gets stuck.

Fill In The Blank

Share reading with your kindergartener by having him fill in words. If you read, "Have you ever seen a bear combing his _______?" your child will likely say "hair" to complete the rhyme.

Pointing While Reading

Encourage your kindergartener to point to each word as he reads. Ask your child to point to words that he knows, or words that start with a beginning sound.

Scavenging for Words

Prompt your kindergartener to find words that he knows in the text. Ask your child how he knew the word was "kitten" and not "cat" to make him aware of the strategies he is beginning to use.

Read Happy

Beginning readers use a lot of concentration and energy. Keep reading positive by stopping when you see your kindergartener becoming frustrated.

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