12 Must-Have Back to School Printables

Cure those back to school blues with this fun collection of printables. We've got everything from printable school supplies to cootie catchers and logic puzzles. Soon your kid will be buzzing about back to school!

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Cootie Catcher: Back to School

Afraid of catching a bad case of cooties? Never fear, back to school can be fun and cootie free with this awesome do-it-yourself cootie catcher.
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Homework Planner

With back to school right around the corner, your busy kid is probably going to have a lot on his plate. Help organize everything with this weekly planner!
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Playground Scavenger Hunt

Nip back-to-school shyness in the bud with this fun scavenger hunt! Stay active, make friends, and have an adventure on your first day of school.
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Hidden Object: Back to School

Oops! On the first day of school, the class rabbit has hopped out of his cage. Your first grader needs to help this class and find the rabbit.
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To-Do List for Kids

Don't forget to pack a to-do list in your back to school binder! This helpful checklist will inspire excellent organizational skills in your child.
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School Supplies Word Search

Is your second grader fully equipped for school? Have her hunt down pens, pencils and other school supplies in a colorful back to school themed word search!
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Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Bring a little playfulness to the first day of school with a classroom scavenger hunt. Search for school supplies, make new friends, and have a blast in class.
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School Bookmarks

Plan out a better school year with some handy homemade bookmarks! These ones double as school planners, with plenty of space for note-taking.
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School Supply 'Cheat Sheets'

Cut back on the cost of back to school supplies with these awesome cheat sheets. Your child will be armed with everything from grid paper to rulers!
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Back to School Calendar

Get your child organized this back to school season! She'll be able to use this calendar project planner to help her tackle any task teacher throws her way.
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Back to School Letter

Warm up those writing skills with a back to school letter, written especially for your future self! What goals do you hope to accomplish?
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