9 Reasons to Consider an All-Day Kindergarten

Why do many parents and teachers prefer all-day kindergarten programs?

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1. A Day Jam-Packed With Learning

All-day kindergarten programs have been increasing in number and popularity. There are more single-parent and dual income families now than ever before who need a day long program. All-day kindergarten provides more educational opportunity and development than other kinds of child care.

2. Advanced Academics

Teachers reported that children who attend all-day kindergarten perform significantly better in math, literacy, and general skills. Compared to children who attend half-day kindergarten, these students score higher on standardized tests and have improved scores in math and reading comprehension.

3. A Lift for Low-Performers

All-day kindergarten is especially helpful for students who have been identified for having learning difficulties. Students who attend all-day kindergarten are less likely to be retained a grade than students who attend half-day kindergarten.

4. Thumbs Up from Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers who have enrolled children in all-day programs report satisfaction. They also feel that their children are more prepared for the first grade.

5. Starting First Grade on the Right Foot

Children who attend all-day kindergarten are more prepared for elementary school. They also have an easier transition to first grade, which is also a day long program.

6. Social Butterflies

Students in all-day kindergarten generally spend more time a day interacting with peers. Consequently, all-day kindergarten students learn more social skills earlier. They are also more engaged speaking to and playing with other children.

7. Elastic Schedules

Teachers and parents whose students attended all-day kindergarten prefer the more relaxed atmosphere and flexibility found in an all-day schedule. All-day kindergarten provides more time for creative activities and more freedom for children to develop their own interests.

8. Closer Connections to School

Teachers prefer having more time to get to know students and families, which better helps teachers meet students needs. Parents reported that teachers of all-day kindergarten programs were more likely to suggest activities for home.

9. Child-Centered Curriculum

Studies show that all-day kindergarten classes spend less time learning as a large group and more time engaging students in active, child-initiated learning activities. Learning in small groups gives students more quality teacher time. Also, teachers have more time to give each student one-on-one instruction than half-day programs.

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