10 Best Board Games for Kids

Here's our round-up of our favorite board games for kids (and adults!) to play together.

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Animal Upon Animal


Watch where your polar bear lands in this tiny but mighty puzzle game! The concept is simple, stack animals on each other to make a pyramid that doesn't fall down.

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Poppin' Hoppies

This group game is a fantastic way to build hand-eye coordination and reflexes, all while helping kids learn colors and practice pattern recognition.

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About Face

This is just a really cute idea: take photographs of found pieces of junk art in the shape of facial features and print them onto separate cards that kids can make faces out of!

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Ticket to Ride

Set at the turn of the 20th century, Ticket to Ride is a unique board game that invites players to a daring race by train.

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Scallywags offers a little calculation practice, a little strategic-thinking skills development, but mostly it's a plundering good time.

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The Scrambled States

The United States have gotten scrambled up! It's your child's job to help them find their way home in this fast-paced card game.

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Stone Soup Cooperative Board Game

This game challenges kids to work together to achieve their goals, rather than compete for victory.

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Super Circles

Part Uno and part Speed, this challenging mind game is all about matching up the right colors and numbers as fast as you can.

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Slammin' Bananas

This action-packed card game is a frantic frenzy kids can't resist! The game play is a wild mash-up of childhood favorites that encourage kids to think on their feet (or in this case, their fingertips).

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The Big, Fat Tomato Game

First, it was Apples to Apples that turned the game world on its head. This time around it’s tomatoes! Say hello to The Big Fat Tomato Game, a wonderfully weird board game with a wicked twist.

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