Our Favorite Math Apps, Grade by Grade

Crunching numbers isn't always easy; from counting and addition to multiplication and fractions, the elementary years build a solid foundation for math skills down the line. Give your kid a leg up with these educational (and super fun) math apps.

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Fish School

Friendly fish are waiting to help teach kids some of the basics in new and exciting formations! Basic repetition and picture recognition combined with colorful schools of fish swimming into numbers makes counting fun for your tiny tot.

Work on numbers and counting with the friendly fish. It's not all just learning, though.


This online games program gets kids to practice essential number and arithmetic skills through over 25 math lessons. Perfect for kids 3 to 7, the games are fun for kids and accessible from computers and iPads.

All of the games in the Brainzy learning program feature funny and original characters who can guide kids through their individual learning path. Kids will work on one-to-one number correspondence, addition and subtraction, and shapes through arcade-like games and catchy songs.


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Park Math

Variety is the name of the game in this engaging yet educational app. With seven sections to choose from, kids will learn addition, subtraction, counting and categorizing.

Each page has plenty for little fingers to explore, with interactive surprises to touch and try in every scene. Kindergarteners will learn the concept that objects—and animals—can represent numbers or sections of an equation.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Mindshapes Ltd. (kindergarten)

Telling time is a critical life skill; help your child learn how to read traditional clocks with this gorgeously illustrated app.

Each hour on the clock brings a new rhyme and activity to play, and little fingers will get a work out helping the delightfully animated mouse as he tries to eat cheese, clean the clock, bake, and much more.

Features require some getting used to, so make sure to show kids how to select the highlighted number to set the correct time and unlock all the different features for each round. Once the fun is started, though, get ready for learning and laughter!

Motion Math: Wings

Forget Angry Birds—help your little one soar to the head of her math class with this avian-themed pre-multiplication app.

Tilting the smart device to aim, she'll be building her spatial and cognitive awareness as she plays. Kids will explore the concepts behind multiplication with easily understandable dot visuals before actually having to solve equations.

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

Pay homage to retro arcade-style games with this addicting space-themed math app. Take off on an intergalactic mission into outer space, solving puzzles and shooting down alien crafts as you fly. Watch out for enemy fire and avoid punching in too many wrong answers; both could lead to a failed mission. Missions are based on four different math operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Rocket Math

Earn money (and learn about money concepts) by solving math problems in this fast-paced intergalactic app. Modern, sharp graphics are age-appropriate and still appealing to the upper-elementary crowd.

This tool covers a lot of ground and provides practice for most third grade math basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an appealing theme—space exploration—that keeps kids playing.

Math Bingo

This app goes above and beyond to improve on the old classic game, with engaging interactive elements and game play that will have kids coming back for more.

Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, and race against the clock to solve the sums. Once bingo is reached, kids earn a bug for their collection and to use in “bingo bug bungee,” an addictive slingshot game where bugs collect coins.

Manic Math

The pressure's on! This supercharged math game is a fast-paced drill disguised as a classic arcade-style game that kids won't be able to stop playing.

The name of the game is to review basic math facts in reverse: the clock starts, and players are given an “objective” number as a series of other numbers and operations rain from the top of the screen. Your mission: find as many factors and/or solve for as many variables as you can before the clock runs out!

5th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets

Blast off into number space with this intergalactic math app. Boasting features such as a simple set-up, astronaut avatars, a multiple-choice answer format and assigned homework, 5th Grade Splash Math is a great app for any kid's interactive library.

Fifth graders can work independently, moving their avatar between space-themed challenges that tackle place value, algebra, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement and geometry.

Match-Up Math

Match your way to math success with this educationally rich app. In the same vein as many classic matching games, your mathematician clears tiles off the screen by matching problems and answers.

If simple addition is too easy for your child, don't worry: Match-Up Math was made with long-term use and multiple grade levels in mind.

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