Boost Your College App With 6 Kinds of Courses

Get ready for the big leagues (college) by taking these classes during your high school years.

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1. Get Ahead with Algebra I and Geometry

Algebra I and geometry are the foundation of advanced math and science courses and allow students to take courses such as chemistry, physics, and trigonometry in high school. Take these course to also succeed in college entrance exams, college math classes, and in future careers.

2. Work on Your Core Strengths

English, Science, History, and Math make up the core academic classes. Take English every year in middle and high school and take as many math, science, and history classes as possible.

3. Get Familiar With a Foreign Language

Colleges require their students to study a foreign language for 2 to 4 years. Take a foreign language course in high school to show colleges that you are willing to learn the basics plus more. Widen your job market and show future employers that you are prepared to compete in the global economy.

4. Opt For Advanced Electives

Advanced electives range from computer science to economics to statistics. Take these courses in high school and use that free time in college to take a course that you are really interested in. Gain a competitive edge in the future job hunt with a basic understanding of these courses.

5. Appreciate the Arts

Many colleges value participation in visual and performing arts courses as a means of broadening students' perception and appreciation of their surroundings. These courses include art, dance, drama, and music. It is widely accepted that exposure to the arts contributes to a child's intellectual development.

6. Gain Ground With Advanced Classes

Take AP courses to receive advanced placement in college, college credit, or just to show colleges that you are willing to go beyond what is asked of you in high school. Most colleges take SAT or ACT scores highly into consideration so take an extra class to prepare for these exams.

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