9 Ways to Help Kids With Asperger's Achieve Success

Learn how you can help your child better understand the world.

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1. Temper Hyperactivity

The antsy in his pantsy may not necessarily be because of ADHD. A child with asperger syndrome can feel stress and anxiety in new situations. This can result in having trouble relaxing or sitting still.

2. Be Understanding of His Language Development

A young one with asperger syndrome can be slow to develop speech. The child's developing abilities are not typical of the expected stages of speech development. The child with asperger's usually has decent skills in syntax, vocabulary, and phonology but has difficulty using language in social contexts.

3. Coordination Problems

Is your child clumsy? Does he have difficulty with balance and fine-motor movements? Children with asperger's may have difficulty tying shoelaces, riding a bike, writing, or catching a ball. Bumbling walking or awkward running is not unusual.

4. Use Social Stories

Children with asperger synndrome often use their minds instead of instincts in social situations. A constant state of alertness or anxiety can make them tired.

5. Encourage Him to Engage Socially

Awareness of social difficulties can make these children feel different. It is not uncommon for children to feel depressed. They can direct blame within: “I am stupid,” or toward others: “It’s your fault.”

6. Make Food More Palatable

Some children with asperger syndrome have food preferences and regular routines with eating. They can refuse to eat foods of certain textures. Hypersensitivity can make certain smells or tastes unpalatable.

7. Teach Your Child Social Rules Early On

Friendship takes a different form during adolescence. Childhood friendships mean more active play and games with simple and clear rules. The teen years involve more conversation and less playing. This transition can pose difficulties.

8. Give Her a Hand With Understanding Fiction

Why more difficulty than the elementary years? The child's abilities stay the same, but the assignments change. Instead of remembering dates and facts for history, a written essay is required. English class involves "reading between the lines." Science incorporates group projects. More abstraction and socialization means potential challenges.

9. Help Him Get Organized

High school requires planning and organization, skills that pose difficulty for people with asperger syndrome. Not staying organized to turn in assignments on time can hurt grades.

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