6 Reasons Art Matters


Find out how just a bit of paint and paper can make your kid smarter.

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1. Art Fosters Creativity

Teaching children to appreciate and understand art is essential for helping them develop creativity and thinking skills.

2. Art Increases Global Awareness

Art can be used to teach children about other cultures and communities throughout the world.

3. Kids Like Adding Their Own Culture Into Their Art

When teaching art, popular culture and media should be incorporated, rather than ignored. Children can draw from popular influences to enhance their art.

4. Art Lets Kids Explore Their Imaginations

Even though art teachers provide students with specific artistic techniques, it is also important to allow children the freedom to use their imaginations.

5. Art Helps Students Understand Symbols

Craft activities often use templates that do not allow children to freely create. Arts give children opportunities to develop symbols to better understand geometric representations.

6. Art Makes Kids Smarter!

Children have fun doing art and become smarter at the same time! Art involves problem solving, thinking, and using shapes to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

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