Famous Scientists

Our world's greatest minds have discovered some very cool stuff, this series of reading comprehension worksheets on prominent scientists will have young readers delving into their discoveries. Students will get a great reading comprehension workout and gain valuable insight through which they'll be able to place more recent scientific developments into historical context. Both male and female scientists are represented.

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All About Galileo

Learn all about Galileo! Whether your kid is an aspiring scientist or just needs some reading practice, this Galileo biography worksheet hits the mark!
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Charles Darwin Biography

Meet Charles Darwin, the man responsible for the theory of evolution and many other revolutionary scientific discoveries.
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Who Is Gregor Mendel?

Get an interesting lesson in science along with valuable reading practice with this Gregor Mendel biography worksheet.
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Isaac Newton Biography

Learn all about this significant scientist with this Isaac Newton biography, detailing his life and work.
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Jane Goodall Biography

Jane Goodall has devoted her life to studying animals in the wild. This worksheet should spark an interest in research and recording in kids who love animals.
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All About Marie Curie

Teach your child history, science and reading all at once with this short biography of Marie Curie, a scientist and the first woman to earn a Nobel Prize.
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Stephen Hawking Biography

Learn more about one of the most accomplished scientists of the 20th century with this worksheet about Stephen Hawking.
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