Full Circle

Help your fifth grader better understand the wonders of the circle. From the names for its different parts to how to navigate some circle math, in these worksheets the circle will be fully explored.

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Parts of a Circle: Learning with Mr. Frog

Give your child a head-start in learning the parts of a circle with a little help from Mr. Frog!
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Practicing Naming a Circle's Components

Practice makes perfect! Engage your fifth grader in some geometry vocabulary practice that will ask her to name the parts of a circle.
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Circle Parts

Help ingrain circle vocabulary in your fifth grader's mind with this second worksheet based on naming a circle's components.
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Practice Naming a Circle's Components 3

Ingrain the vocabulary associated with circles in your fifth grader's mind by having her complete this third printable in the set.
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Pi R Squared

How do you find the area of a circle? It's as easy as pi r squared!
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Area of a Circle #1

Don't spin out your wheels doing math. Find the area of the tires on the bicycles, and remember that the radius of a circle is one half of the diameter!
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The set is continued below.

Area of a Circle #2

Yeehaw! Take a trip to the wild west with some covered wagons. Find the area of these wagon wheels as the tumbleweeds go rolling by.
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