7 Gross Motor Milestones: Birth to Age 6

Kids start moving in a big way right from the get-go! Learn what gross motor developments you can expect in your child.

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1. During Birth to 6 Months, Kids Learn Basic Body Control

Sits upright with prop. Supports own head when in a sitting position. Lifts head and supports self on arm when on stomach. Raises arms and legs when placed on stomach. Rolls over.

2. At 6 Months to 1 Year, Kids Sit and Stand

Sits alone. Crawls. Pulls self from a sitting to standing position. Stands without holding on to an object or person.

3. At Age 1, Kids Climb and Catch

Walks unassisted. Climbs onto low furniture. Climbs stairs with asisstance. Pulls or pushes toys with wheels. Kicks ball holding on to support. Catches rolling ball between legs while sitting.

4. At Age 2, Kids Pedal, Hang and Tiptoe

Runs very stiffly on toes. Jumps using both feet simultaneously. Walks upstairs holding the banister. Walks on tiptoes. Pedals a tricycle while adult pushes. Kicks a ball forward without losing balance. Plays on a rocking horse. Throws a ball overhanded five to seven feet. Hangs from a bar.

5. At Age 3, Kids Learn Body Balance

Throws a ball to adult satnding five feet away. Runs without falling. Hops on alternating feet. Stands on one foot. Walks backward for several feet. Moves a chair to reach for an object. Rides tricycle using pedals, unassisted by an adult. Walks backward easily. Walks on balance beam with one foot on the floor and the other on the team.

6. At Age 4, Kids Jump and Skip

Walks upstairs like an adult by alternating feet. Runs smoothly with changes in speed. Skips using alternate feet rather than galloping. Bounces a ball. Catches a ball with arms and body. Jumps up and down on the floor several times. Bounces playground ball. Catches beanbags with hands.

7. At Age 5, the Growth Continues!

Hops on one foot. Performs jumping jacks and toe touches. Walks up and down the stairs while carrying objects. Catches a ball with two hands. Bounces a ball in place. Skips rope.

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