7 Ways to Get Off the Waitlist

Find out how to get yourself off the waitlist and into your dream college.

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1. Buckle Down and Study Up

Maintain your senior grades. Some colleges will take into consideration mid-year grades and a great report card could sway their decision. Provide any other new information that is relevant to the admissions process.

2. Keep the Dialogue Flowing

Continue a dialogue with a college admissions representative via email or calling. The student needs to have direct communication with the college rather than a parent. It is much more effective for a student to express their own sincere interest.

3. Notify the School Know Of New Achievements

Update your file by writing a letter or an email. Use this space to discuss your most recent accomplishments that were not included on your original application and your ongoing interest in the college.

4. Show Your Depth

Writing one college essay is hard enough, but writing a new essay shows your commitment to the college. It allows you to discuss something new about yourself and to build upon the personality that you portrayed in the first essay.

5. Ask Your Teachers to Advocate For You

A new letter of recommendation, especially from a senior teacher, could show your dedication to your academics during a year when most students slack off. Everyone has a different opinion about you and a new letter could highlight a different aspect of your personality.

6. Revisit the School

Revisit the campus to express your vested interest in the college. Visiting the campus again also assures that it is your first choice.

7. Consider Alternative Admission Terms

Consider alternative admissions terms. These can include guaranteed transfer if certain requirements are met, alternative semesters, or alternative campuses. These are not ideal situations but are viable options to ensure moving off the waitlist.

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