7 Things NOT to Say to a Stay-at-Home-Mom

The reputation of stay-at-home-moms is still stuck in the 1950s. Check out the words you should never utter to a SAHM.

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"What do you do with all that free time?"

There's nothing "free" about time a SAHM spends with her kids. From cleaning to homework help, most mamas can't even squeeze in a solo bathroom trip.

"Are you going to get a real job when your kids go to school?"

It's condescending to imply this isn't a "real" job—it stings when people assume being a SAHM is temporary until you can get back into the workforce.

"Your husband must be doing well!"

This comment not only pries into personal finances, but it also implies that a family must be rich for mom to justify forgoing traditional employment.

"I would die if I had to stay home all day!"

This statement’s often said with the underlying message that if you're content to stay at home, you just must not need the stimulation that others do.

"Can you do me a favor?"

While an SAHM might not mind running an errand for a friend, when it’s clear a pal doesn't respect your schedule, it can become problematic.

"I bet your house is so clean!"

SAHMs know this is a laughable assumption. Having the kids at home all the time means that they'll have more opportunities to create messes.

"So ... you don't work then?"

Don't you love it when "SAHM" is equated to "non-worker?" Yup, those are fightin' words, because any mom knows that it's one of the hardest jobs ever.

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