Presidential Fun Facts: The High School Edition

Where did Mitt Romney go to high school? Which vice presidential nominee was voted prom king? Which civil rights activist was Michelle Obama's high school classmate? Here's a roundup of some White-House-worthy fun facts about our presidential and vice presidential nominees from back in the day. (The high school days, to be exact!)

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Barack Obama: Punahou School


Joe Biden: Archmere Academy

Vice President Joe Biden attended Archmere Academy—a Roman Catholic college perperatory school—in Clayton, Delaware. He graduated in 1961.

Biden was an allstar halfback/wide receiver on his high school's football team, and he helped lead the perpetually losing team to an undefeated season in his senior year. Go Auks! He also played on Archmere's baseball team. (What a show-off.) 

But Biden wasn't just about sports, sports, and more sports. During his high school years, he participated in an anti-segregation sit-in at a local theater in Wilmington, Delaware. Biceps, and brains—what a guy!

Michelle Obama: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Michelle Obama attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago—the first magnet school in the city—and graduated in 1981. Today, Whitney Young High School is one of Illinois's top schools statewide.

Michelle wasn't the only famous political figure to come out of Whitney Young. She was a classmate of civil rights activist, Baptist minister, and former presidential nominee Jesse Jackson. 

In high school, she was on the honor roll for all four years, she took AP classes like they were going out of style, she was a member of the National Honor Society, and served as student council treasurer. (She's no stranger to having a lot on her plate.) And to really drive it home, in 1981, she graduated as the salutatorian of her class. Go, Michelle!


Mitt Romney: Cranbrook School for Boys

Mitt Romney went to high school at Cranbrook School for Boys—a highly competitive private boarding school—in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. He graduated in 1965.

At Cranbrook, Romney was a manager for the ice hockey team, and a member of the pep squad ("We're #1!"), and during his last year at Cranbrook, he joined the cross country team (he always knew he wanted to run for something). He also belonged to (count 'em) eleven school organizations and school clubs, and started the Blue Key Club booster group at Cranbrook. Phew!

But Mitt wasn't always as buttoned-up as he is these days. He was apparently the consummate prankster when he was in high school, and in 1965 he was arrested for sliding down the slopes of a golf course on huge blocks of ice! Oh, Mitt.

Paul Ryan: Joseph A. Craig High School

Paul Ryan went to Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin and graduated in 1988.

Even in high school, Ryan had a penchant for politics. He was voted president of his Junior class, and was a representative of the student body on the school board. He was also voted Prom King—what a dream boat!

Always an over-achiever, Paul was on his high school's ski, track, and varsity soccer teams, and played basketball in a Catholic recreational league. All star status. And it's clear that he's always known how to shmooze. He was also voted “Biggest Brown-Noser" in his senior polls.

What's more, his summer job puts most of ours to shame: he had the priveledge of driving the famous Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile”!

Ann Romney: Kingswood School for Girls

Ann Romney attended Kingswood School for Girls—the sister school to Cranbrook School for Boys where Mitt attended high school—in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. She graduated from high school in 1967.

It seems as though Mitt and Ann were always destined to be together. They met when they were just young whipper snappers in elementary school and went on to be high school sweethearts during later years. Ann went to Mitt's senior prom as his lovely date, and rumor has it, they informally agreed to marriage after the dance! They've been together ever since.

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