Ravens vs. 49ers: Mascot Face-off

The 2013 Super Bowl features two teams whose mascots carry both literary and historical significance: the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens are named after the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe, Baltimore's most famous literary hero. The 49ers take their name from the gold prospectors who flooded to California during the Gold Rush of 1849. Which mascot is cooler? Let these worksheets help you be the judge!

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Common Raven Coloring Page

Say hello to the Common Raven, a bird you and your child may know quite well. As he colors the picture, your child will learn some new sight words.
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Raven Facts

With this fun sheet, your child will get to learn a few fun facts about the raven, and then complete a crossword based on what she's just learned.
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Get a light lesson in the darkest of creatures, the raven.
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How to Write Like Edgar Allan Poe

Need some writing inspiration? Read a few passages by authors who influenced the great Edgar Allan Poe, and write your own found passage!
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The Gold Rush Game

Gold rush worksheets can be a fun way to approach history. This board game about the California Gold Rush is a thrilling race across the Wild West!
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Gold Rush Trail

Learn about the different routes people could take for the California Gold Rush.
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Gold Rush Advertisement

Look at this scene of a mining town during the Gold Rush and create an advertisement that persuades people to travel to California.
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Packing for the Gold Rush

What would your child bring if he had to pack for a whole new life? Find out with this Gold Rush worksheet.
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