Imagination Station: Using Playtime to Help Kids Grow

Here are nine ways you can encourage your child's social-emotional, creative, and physical growth.

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1. Help Your Kid Grow Up by Playing Pretend

Play increases children's social-emotional maturity as they interact with other children and adults. Through play children experience new roles and points of view.

2. Let Your Child Explore Her Feelings

Play provides children a way to express feelings. Children can therapeutically work through hidden thoughts and fears by playing.

3. Have Your Kid Engage in Dramatic Play

Children can learn to identify and cope with feelings by acting out emotions of anger, worry, or sadness.

4. Encourage Small Motor Fun

Playing with pencils, markers, and crayons helps children improve their small motor skills.

5. Build Up Her Large Muscle Groups

Gross motor movements include playing hopscotch, jumping rope, or riding a bike.

6. Let Her Run Around with Glee

Play during recess gives children the opportunity to develop social skills and release stress.

7. Create a Safe Zone

The world of pretend play offers children a risk-free setting where they can play imaginatively.

8. Encourage Him to Think Flexibly

Pretend play helps develop children's curiosity and flexibility. This enhances children’s ability to engage successfully in new situations.

9. Use Play to Solve Problems

When young children use their imaginations in play, they are more creative, perform better at school tasks, and develop a problem-solving approach to learning.

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