Editor's Pick: 10 Second Grade Apps

In today's wired world, many lessons are being transferred from the chalkboard to the tablet. Your child’s hooked on interactive games, but have you considered combining this love with education? Give your kid a leg up this school year with these comprehensive second grade apps, which include cool second grade reading apps and fun second grade math apps.

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Spanish Word Wizard

This excellent app tests kids' Spanish knowledge with 1,500 spelling tests and questions corresponding to the 1,000 pre-loaded words.

Spanish Word Wizard features a moveable, talking alphabet, which allows young language learners to create their own words and sentences, spoken aloud as they write. This allows little learners self-correct as necessary, enabling independent spelling and encouraging good grammar habits.

My Birds of Prey

Kids might have to wrestle the grown-ups for a turn on this interesting and educational app.

My Birds of Prey HD allows kids collect birds by winning them in challenges. Match facts with the correct bird three times in a row, and win a virtual egg to coddle and care for. Little learners must earn food for their fowl by tackling memory match games and a flight pattern shuffle challenge.


This app helps kids as young as 5 grasp complex math concepts in a fun, interactive way.

Each round of the game features a screen with two distinct sides, with a treasure chest card on one side. The goal is to get the treasure chest card on its own by dragging cards from the deck that cancel each other out, just as if you were trying to solve for x in a real algebraic equation. This app offers several levels, so game play grows as the child learns.

The educational value is there, since DragonBox+ introduces kids to algebraic concepts that serve as the foundation for higher-level math. With artfully goofy graphics and a star reward system, it’s also really fun to play.

Brain Quest

What's better than the classic Brain Quest quizzes? The interactive app!

Kids embark on adventures through Wisdom Islands, where they must solve missions to progress through each stage of the captivating story. Questions cover the whole range of grade level skills—including math, language, and social studies—and little learners must answer quickly to complete the level in time.

Math Doodles

This is a beautifully illustrated app—but it’s not an art app, or even an illustrated story. Math Doodles is a brilliantly executed and educational math app.

The designer has transformed the way kids think about numbers and equations, with interesting sketches that prove math comes in all forms.In “Unknown Square,” the app focuses on addition and subtraction in an easy equation format, while in “Connect Sums,” children will learn that calculations can go in any direction.

The sneak-peek fly-swat app is an entertaining way to tell time. Children must think of the clock in segments, and identify how many segments the hand—a.k.a. fly swat—should move in order to splat the fly. This game not only focuses on time, but emphasizes the clockwise direction so it becomes second nature.

Jungle Time

Tick-tock, it's time to read the clock! This interactive time-telling game is packed with learning opportunities.

The narrow focus of Jungle Time works well here; kids can practice everything that has to do with time in this app, from telling time and setting time to “lessons” on a variety of subjects, like time zones and the 24-hour clock.

Sushi Monster

Talk about pressure on the cook—there's a monster in the middle of the sushi bar and he's hungry! Sushi Monster is a fun packaging of basic math facts that will have kids hungry for more.

This adorable animated monster bellies up to the sushi bar with a number around his neck and kids must serve up factors fast. Addition and multiplication skills are tested with a series of "target numbers."

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

Pay homage to retro arcade-style games with this addicting space-themed math app. Take off on an intergalactic mission into outer space, solving puzzles and shooting down alien crafts as you fly. Watch out for enemy fire and avoid punching in too many wrong answers; both could lead to a failed mission. Missions are based on four different math operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Even Monsters Get Sick

This beautifully illustrated eBook features a gently captivating story with an age-appropriate pace, starring a boy named Harry and his pet monster Zub, who is suffering from a serious case of the sniffles.

This app has achieved the perfect balance of interactive elements and good old-fashioned storytelling, with games that kids will want to play again and again.

Math Bingo

This app goes above and beyond to improve on the old classic game, with engaging interactive elements and game play that will have kids coming back for more.

Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, and race against the clock to solve the sums. Once bingo is reached, kids earn a bug for their collection and to use in “bingo bug bungee,” an addictive slingshot game where bugs collect coins.

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