10 Signs of a Fantastic Preschool

How can how to tell a good preschool from a great one? Find out here!

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1. Purposeful Play

Children spend most of their time purposefully playing and working with objects either by themselves or with other children.

2. A Little of This, a Little of That

Children have access to a wide variety of activities throughout the day ranging from table toys to pretend play to arts and crafts.

3. You and Me Time

Teachers do not always teach to a large group, but instead spend quality time with children individually or in small groups.

4. Got Art?

The classroom is the children’s art gallery. It’s decorated with children’s artworks, projects, and writing.

5. Environmental Learning

Children learn numbers and the alphabet naturally through everyday activities such as taking attendance and serving snacks.

6. Hands-on Learning

Worksheets are rarely use. Children learn through doing projects where they are given plenty of time to play and explore.

7. Fresh Air Learning

Rain or shine, children have outdoor playtime daily.

8. Story Time

Teachers read books to children individually or in small groups throughout the day.

9. One Size Doesn't Fit All

The curriculum is flexible to accommodate children of different levels and background.

10. Your Gut Instinct

Children are happy and parents feel safe sending their children to the program.

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