Training Your Tyke: 8 Preschool Goals

Encourage your child to strive for these kiddie-appropriate goals.

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1. Help Your Child Soar in Social Skills

Gets along with other children and adults. Forms relationships with teachers. Helps out in the classroom. Follows school rules. Cares for others. Plays cooperatively.

2. Show Her What It Means to Develop Good Habits

Knows how to dress, button, zip, and choose clothes. Eats with utensils, cup, and napkin. Washes hands, brush teeth, and bathe body. Combs hair.

3. Promote Lifelong Learning

Displays positive attitude towards learning. Motivated to learn. Listens to others. Can develop positive relationships. Understands, accepts, and follows rules and routines. Finds more than one solution to a problem.

4. Equip Your Child to Thrive at School

Takes on responsibility for age-appropriate tasks. Knows about self, family, and culture. Takes turns with other children. Shows persistence, cooperation, and self-control. Grows in confidence. Finds help when needed.

5. Help Him Build Up Basic Knowledge

Knows names, addresses, and phone numbers. Can describe colors, sizes, shapes, and positions, such as under, over, and around. Emerging abilities with numbers, prewriting skills, shape identification, letter recognition, sounds, and rhyming. Forms a simple sentence structure. Performs simple addition and subtraction. Knows ways to handle a book.

6. Raise Your Child to Be a Language-Lover

Develops abilities in: Oral language skills. Vocabularies. Conversations with other children and adults. Proficiency in language. Literacy skills related to writing and reading. Letters of the alphabet. Listening comprehension. Motivation to read. Print awareness. Ways to use and appreciate books.

7. Teach Him How to Be a Stand-Up Guy

Demonstrates a positive mental attitude. Displays persistence. Respects others. Cooperates. Shows honesty, trustworthiness, and sensitivity.

8. Raise a Mini-Michelangelo

Uses crayons, paints, markers, and clay to generate original work. Manipulates colors, surface textures, and shapes to create and form meaning. Expresses interests, thoughts, or emotions through art or music.

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