The Scientific Method—Unveiled!

What are the six steps of the scientific method? The answer is just a mouse click away.

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1. Propose a Problem, Purpose or Research Question

The research question is the foundation of the scientific method. Every subsequent step serves to answer this initial question. The research question explains the goal of the experiment or what scientific question the experiment is trying to answer.

2. Develop a Hypothesis

The hypothesis is a statement explaining your expected results. It is an educated guess of the answer to the proposed research question. Remember that your hypothesis is only a guess and does not always match your conclusion.

3. Gather Your Materials

Make a list of all the supplies and equipment necessary for the experiment. Remember to include all of the ingredients of the procedure.

4. Create a Procedure

Write down a detailed step-by-step description of how you conducted the experiment. Include the variables and controls, specific measurements, and materials. Your procedure should be clear enough that another person could easily follow it.

5. Collect Observations, Data and Results

Note your observations to explain what happened and what you noticed throughout the experiment. Record the raw data as evidence to support or contradict your hypothesis. Write down the results in the form of a statement to explain the data. Aid your results section with graphs to summarize what the data is telling you.

6. Come Up With a Conclusion

Summarize the research and results of the experiment. Answer your research question and note whether your data supported or contradicted your hypothesis. In any case, explain why your data supports or contradicts your hypothesis.

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