10 Ways to Put the Kibosh on Cyberbullying

Is a cyberbully cramping your kid's style? Find out how to stop cyberbullies from ruling the virtual playground.

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1. Don't Fuel the Flame

Keep in mind that bullies bother others to spark a reaction. Never respond to harassment online. Feeding a flame can fuel further bullying.

2. Type With Caution

Type with caution. You never know who you are speaking to online. Information you share can be used against you or others.

3. Block a Bully

Never hesitate to block a bully online. Prevent yourself from receiving more mean messages with a single click. Figure out privacy and blocking features on your e-mail accounts, social networking sites, and instant messengers.

4. Delete "Friends" Off the Contact List

Delete "friends" or contacts who post damaging messages or images. Shield yourself from potential embarrassment, harassment, or threats. Don't wait for it to happen to you.

5. Tell Her to Proceed With Caution

Anyone can see what you post online. Carefully choose which posts you respond to and what you say on the internet. Remember, online posts can be retrieved even after they are deleted.

6. Encourage Your Child to Think First, Post Later

Choose a setting where you can preview all posts before posting publicly. Protect your name, your contact information, and your reputation. Think first. Post later.

7. Be Wise About Privacy

Choose wisely which contact and personal information you share online, especially on social networking websites. Many teens are harassed when bullies steal passwords and send damaging messages to others through e-mail and social networking accounts.

8. Save the Evidence

When you receive a harassing message online: Save the evidence. Refrain from responding. Tell an adult.

9. Report the Ridicule

Websites and e-mail accounts often allow you to "flag" posts or messages as harassment or slander. Report any damaging messages to the website or web service. Call the police if you feel your safety is threatened. Visit cybertipline.com to report cyberbullying online.

10. Let Him Know He's Not Alone

Confide in a friend or a trusted adult. Talking to a friend, parent, teacher, or counselor can help you feel better. Cyberbullying affects many people, and you do not have to deal with it alone.

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